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Holland Roden @ Comic-Con in San Diego // July, 25.

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Top 3 companions as voted by Tumblr:

#3- Amy Pond

After everything we’ve been through, Doctor. Everything. You can’t just drop me off at my house and say goodbye like we shared a cab.

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091. Twelve is coming

Self-esteem should have nothing to do with what you look like – if you exude genuine confidence, people will be swept into it. You have to be able to hold yourself.” - Gillian Anderson

every lonely monster needs a companion.

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You don’t give a shit about me.

the ocean echoing inside of your ribcage.


Jenna at LFCC


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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast being adorable while poses alongside a Madame Tussauds Hollywood MARVEL wax figures at the “Guardians of The Galaxy” premiere (July 21, 2014)